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Just FYI... an Update

Just a quick update for everyone, both public and private-- I'm making some changes at my various websites and will be consolidating several into one, which will house several thousand articles on personal evolution, happiness, getting exactly what you want out of life, etc, plus regular new articles. So there'll be a short delay before more of my articles go up while I work on the infrastructure. When I launch the new mega-site, I'll let you know where to find it. See ya then!

Added: The new site will be under
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What Happened to All the Posts?

Dear friends and family, 

I’ve kept this post-divorce healing journal for almost 5 years now.  It’s transitioned from a healing journal where I work things out for myself in writing to a mundane journal where I keep close family and friends posted on my life—as well as a therapeutic record for myself—while I continue to post essays and articles to various other blogs.   My LiveJournal is far more an intimate discussion among family and friends, and will continue to be, but as a Friends-Only journal. 

I still have a few family members and friends here who do not have LJ accounts and read these posts through RSS feeds.  To you, I apologize for the inconvenience of having to join/log in and I realize I may lose you as a reader.    Most of my friends here are on my Facebook ( or MySpace ( accounts and are already keeping up with me through those networks, with lengthier spiritual and family discussions taking place privately here.   My articles will continue to be posted at  If you have an account and would like to be friended so you can read the private LJ posts, please comment below.  However, to be added to this journal, you should be a friend I am already in contact with  or have a mutual friend who will vouch for your identity.  Sorry—you wouldn’t believe how underhanded some people can be.

I’ve always been very open here with my life and have nothing to hide; however, I’ve had to deal with one too many psycho-bitch drama-queens this past year who can’t seem to stay out of my business or stop blaming me for their own unhappiness.   I have some sensitive and interesting things happening in my life these days that I don’t care to have crazy people creating even more drama over or harassing my loved ones about. 

 If you’re a family member or friend who is trying to contact me, you can comment below, email me through any of the aforementioned sites, or contact me through the info on my profile page. 




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To Whom It May Concern (you know who you are)

I’m stating this publicly so that there’ll be less chance you’ll misconstrue my words and because this is the forum you’ve used to contact me most recently. 

I promised that I would not respond to you, and in the past 8 months, I’ve kept that promise.  In exchange, I was promised that you would leave me alone and not contact or harass me again.   I’m breaking that promise now to tell you this, just once:

DO NOT send me any more emails to an email address I did not share with you.

DO NOT call my private cell phone again (a number I did not share with you).  Making one hang-up call after another for hours on end and keeping my child up after her bedtime is harassment, any way you cut it.

DO NOT have a third party call repeatedly while you’re waiting unannounced on a conference call.

DO NOT text me  again and especially not repeatedly.

DO NOT post any more anonymous comments to my journal (or any other forum) in response to posts about my life and my insights.

DO NOT join other networks and forums I’m a member of just to stalk me.

DO NOT try again to “friend” me on social networks.

DO NOT IM me again under someone else's account.

DO NOT email me again under someone else's account.

DO NOT call my home phone, even if it's just to hang up.

DO NOT automatically assume that everything is about YOU.  I’ve had over 3000 public articles online over the past 5 years and 99.9%  (that includes this post, if you’re doing the math) have nothing to do with you.  Some of your assumptions have been hilarious, especially when the person’s real identity  was in the next sentence and known to my friends and family, who are the readers here I care about.  The reason you can read things into those articles is because you are LOOKING for anything that you can apply, even on the smallest level, to YOU, and in the worst possible way you can apply it.   It may be a blow to your ego, but really, most people don’t lie awake at night looking for ways to make your life (or anyone else’s) miserable—they’re too busy with their own lives.  Half the time you think they’re doing something on purpose, but they don’t even remember you exist.  The sad truth you'll realize eventually is that almost nothing anyone does is about YOU.  

This is the only response you will get from me.

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